I recently read this book. Although the subject has become quite cliche’ these day, but I liked this book because of its candidness.

The three things which hold us back in staring something stupid are :

1. Time : According to the author, there is no right time to start your own thing. It’s just that sooner you start the more time you have to achieve your dream, which really makes sense. Don’t wait for opportune moment. The life has its own pace and it barely works your way. You got to start and you got to continue doing what you started
2. Education or Experience : There is no correlation between degree and experience with success. The people who became extra ordinary in their fields never had a famous degree. Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Dennis Ritchie, Walt Disney, there are many such examples
3. Money :  You can never have enough of it. You have to learn to sustain in what you earn and you have learn to get satisfied after a certain point of attainment.

Richie and Natalie give you 3 principles to start something stupid :

1. Get our of your Shell , in a nutshell means get out of your comfort zone. Don’t listen to people. Try two things at a time, but expect good only at one.
2. Get in to the scene, follow the START approach  : START stands of Serve, Thank, Ask, Request and Thank

“Serve” – How much you serve others is how much they will serve you.

“Thank” – Show your gratitude for good deeds done on your behalf.

“Ask” – Don’t try to do everything yourself. Ask for help from the people around you.

“Receive” – Don’t hesitate to accept assistance. Receive it graciously.

“Trust” – To succeed in business and in life, be trustworthy and trust others.

3. Make Dreams happen, leverage all your resources like , social media, MOOCs, networks, relatives etc to achieve your dream.

Take the simple case of people on LinkedIn

  • How many of you tap into Linkedin because you want to be scouted by a recruiter to get you a job or a better jo ?


  • How many of you tap in to LinkedIn because of you want to find someone who can mentor you  ?


  • How many of you tap in to LinkedIn because to contribute to the network or to a community  ?

If you have been engage only for scouting for  a job, do it reverse. First contribute to the network or community, that will help people notice you and find you. Consequently, job offers will follow you.

The real power of starting something stupid according to me lies in 3 things which we develop over a period of time :

1. Skills : We must have a sell able skill
2. Problem : Some problem which we are capable of solving
3. Passion : We believe in something which no one else would ever believed . And our belief becomes unflinching with every successive failures.

We all have some stories, where we have failed and then succeeded. Don’t compare them with any one else. Your story .. is your story. Be proud that it happened. Be proud that life chose you to be a protagonist of it. Be inspired and then really work on “The power of starting something stupid “

I would love to hear your story and write them for you. Drop me a message and we will work on your story to publish it.