The 4 intelligence for a successful career in Sales

Sales is all about building your career each day and with every deal. It’s like you becoming an actor. Suppose you want to pursue a career in acting and you go to Mumbai to try your luck. You need to have all type of characterstics, you learn dance, you learn fighting, you make 6 packs, you get your hair transplant done if you are shedding your hairs, you apply all kind of techniques to get a fair skin and whatever was left related to astrology to fight with your stars you get them fixed too. Then you scout for that one movie which will make you successful and establish you as an actor. Then there are two possibilities.

Suppose you are fortunate enough to get a break and one producer signs you. And assume your movie become a hit. Do you think your career is settled ? No. You need to prove yourself with next movie, and then next and then next. And after sometime there will be pressure on you to do different roles other wise you will get typecast and in no time people will forget you.

In case you were not fortunate enough to get that big break. To survive you will try different kind of roles, small insignificant ones etc. Something which happened to Nawazuddin Siddiqui. It’s up to your choice and your destiny the way it will unfold. You need to keep trying keep learning but for all that you need to learn how to survive first.

Sales is pretty much like that. You need to prepare, you need to be consistent and persistent everyday irrespective of what your boss is saying and what type of emotions you are having. I have seen people in the name of selling all they do is just follow up, making random calls, spamming inboxes and meetings which goes no where. They don’t understand the need of training and learning. Just you like need training to develop your skills and competency in any given field, you need to always learn in Sales. The other issue is they look for the company, colleagues, boss to train them. Well that’s a myth. At the most people can facilitate the training but end of the day, your learning is in your hand.

If you really look at it, all kinds of training help you acquire/enhance 4 types of intelligence:

  1. Innate Intelligence
  2. Acquired Intelligence
  3. Technological Intelligence
  4. Emotional Intelligence

Innate Intelligence is something you are born with. It’s all about how smart you are. It’s there in your DNA. Just that some people are aware of it and some aren’t. Mainly because they compare themselves, the try to imitate somebody or it could just be their inability to handle situations the way should handle. It’s also about the curiosity you show in everything.

Acquired intelligence is all about how much you know. How much you know about your client, how much you know about client’s industry, how much you know about their business, about politics, about nation etc etc. You accumulate the information from various sources to foster your intelligence. It’s a continuous process which is driven by your attention to everything that matters to close a deal.

Technological Intelligence, according to me has two dimensions, first, it’s know-how of the technology and the impact it can have on businesses. I sell Cloud, so through training I try to understand all the aspects which can help my clients to run their businesses, create new business models and add values to their clients.

The other dimension is how you use technology to keep yourself organized and give more time to human relationship. How you work in such a way that you don’t miss out any deliverables. How you organize yourself that you develop the ability to run all the projects in parallel and complete them on the stipulated time.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive, correctly interpret, respond and effectively manage your own emotions and influence the emotions of others. Every individual is different and need to be handled differently. Certain clients will talk a lot, may annoy you at times and there will be many who will not open so easily. They will conceal their emotions and it will become difficult for you to understand them. Emotional intelligence is also the ability to handle stress, pressure, disappointment and working with your colleagues with whom you differ in opinion.

Buying is human, Selling is human. People buy for their reason, not yours. After a certain point of time, quality, features, references don’t matter, what matters most is the type of person you are. And learning is definitely the way to build a successful career in sales.

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