Storage Services in AWS

AWS offers following storage services :

  1. AWS S3 – This is the object storage in AWS Cloud
  2. CloudFront The CDN service of AWS. It makes content delivery faster
  3. Amazon EBS : Network Attached Storage volumes for your VMs
  4. Amazon Glacier  : Low Cost Archival storage

Let’s take a quick look in each of the offering :

AWS S3 : The primary uses of object storage are, backing up the data, storing images and videos which can either be accessed directly or through CDN, and store contents of static websites. The most common Amazon products used with AWS S3 are :

  1. Amazon EC2 :
  2. Amazon Elastic MapReduce :
  3. Amazon SQS
  4. Amazon CloudFront :
  5. Amazon DevPay :

AWS S3 pricing : AWS pricing has following components :

  1. Storage Pricing
  2. Request pricing:
  3. Data transfer pricing

AWS CloudFront : Is the CDN service of AWS. This is mostly use in case of faster downloading and frequently access of data by the user. You either create a distribution or an HTTP server which act as an origin. When a user request the data, it first search in cahce. If it’s not available in cache, the request then goes to origin server.

Amazon EBS :  EBS stands for Elastic Block storage. You can consider this as a HDD attached to your laptop. The only difference is that it’s on the network. One EBS can be used with only one EC2 instance. But multiple EBS volumes can be attached to a single EC2 instance.

Most common usage includes acting as a primary storage for a database  or a filesystem. AWS offers 4 types of EBS:

  • EBS General Purpose – charged based on the amount you provision in GB per month
  • EBS Provisioned IOPS: charged based on data provisioned and IOPS
  • EBS Magnetic:
  • EBS Snapshot

Amazon Glacier : It’s the archival storage offering. It’s used when data is not going to be accessed frequently also known as “cold data” and latency is a major concern.

How does the pricing work ?

It has three components :

  1. Storage pricing – There is no further break up. Simple – it starts with $0.007
  2. Request pricing – Like other storage services AWS charges you for
    1. UPLOAD and RETRIEVAL Requests
    2. Data Retrieval – AWS charges you if you retrieve more than 5% of the data stored. So if you have stored let’s say 10 GB, then after 500 MB you would be charged at $0.001
  3. Data transfer pricing – In Bound data is not charged, if your EC2 is in not in the same region as Glacier, you will be charged and data from Glacier to internet charged



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