Solution components and Reference Architecture

IBM Cloud provides the automated deployment of vmware solution components The offering in the solution portfolio consists of
  1. vCloud Foundation ( VCF) : vSphere ESXi, Platform Services Controller, vCenter Server appliance, SDDC manager, NSX and vSAN. VSF consists of :
    a. 4-node base cluster
    b. 2 Bare Metal Server size options
    c. Upgradable Memory option
    d. upto 27 additional nodes
  2. VMware vCenter Servers : vSphere ESXi, Platform Services Controller ( PSC ),  vCenter Server Appliance, NSX and optionally vSAN.
    a. 2-node base cluster
    b. 3 bare metal server size options
    c. upgradable memory options
    d. upgradable NSX options
The below figure shows the solution components of vmware Solution on IBM Cloud:
Below figure shows the architecture of the solution deployment:
Management : vCenter, A centralized platform for managing the entire software defined datacenter

Workloads : x86 based applications which need to migrated to cloud

Software Defined Networking :  Provides a network overlay virtualizing the physical network to provide a large number of customer defined networks (VxLAN), intelligent network routing, and microsegmentation for enhanced firewall capabilities
Product  – VMware NSX 

Compute : Enables many virtualized Linux and Windows servers to run concurrently on the same physical bare metal server providing high levels of server utilization and capacity.
Product :  VMware vSphere 

Software Defined Storage :  Local storage of the physical hosts are aggregated into a high performance, highly available software defined SAN.
Product – VMware virtual SAN 

Bare Metal Servers – IBM Cloud bare metal servers provide a dedicated, single tenant basis for deploying the clients private infrastructure. Clients can locate their deployment in any of dozens of IBM Cloud locations around the globe.
Products – IBM Cloud 

To learn more about the solution architecture, click here


This is blog post is second in the 10 part series of vmware on IBM Cloud. 


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