You know what is common between TCP/IP and Hadoop ? They both were created not keeping security in mind. And you know what is the other common thing between them, they both have become extremely important and ubiquitous entities.
The very fact which we rejoice about, of having massive amount of data created by various datasources like sensors, mobile devices etc have given hackers multiple point of entries in to an organization. Think about it it’s not just servers exposed to the internet which can be hacked, anything and everything which connects to your intranet has potential source of security breach.
Hadoop characteristics such as distributed computing, Fragmented data, access to data and node to node communication presents a great challenge for the developers to prevent any security breach. The biggest issue with Hadoop security is that it’s not a single technology, but it’s an entire ecosystem of technology, Hive, HBase Oozie etc.
it’s  important to understand  the threat categories before creating a security strategy which can be :

  1. Unauthorized access/Masquerade
  2. Insider Threat
  3. Denial of Service
  4. Threats to Data

According to Forrester, developer must consider 6 security properties:

  1. Confidentiality – make data only available to people who really need it
  2. Integrity – Data changed in appropriate way and the way it’s authorized to change
  3. Availability : Data is available only from applications which are allowed to make them available
  4. Authentication : A person’s identity is established before access is granted.
  5. Authorization : People are explicitly allow or not allowed to access the application
  6. Nonrepudiation :  Person cannot perform an action and later denied performing the action

In addition it’s important to understand that Hadoop architecture  which comprises of

  1. Network
  2. Hosts

There is a lot which also depend on operating environment of Hadoop. It can one of the following

  1. In-premise
  2. Co-location
  3. Cloud

As I have highlighted earlier  deploying Hadoop as a Service take care of most of these concerns and then you really focus on actionable insights and making great apps for your business.

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