Getting the attention of CXOs !!!

Whether it's sales or marketing, or even if you are on a job hunt there is no one who might have to be convinced to get to know to as many CXOs possible. Even if you are setting up your own venture you know how critical is the buy in of a CXO. So I don't have to spend time to convince you to know or have a relationship with a CXO.

The question then is when we know how critical it is to have CXO, what mistake we do usually because of which we don't often fail to have to them. I have come across many situations where people CXOs have many LinkedIn connections but still there is no conversation happening. According to me there are certain fundamental mistakes which we do :

  • We tend to focus more on position than people
  • Our efforts are transient and we often "Begin with the end in mind" only to realize that the intend "End" has never been achieved
  • We become oblivious of the pressure and CXO's paucity of time

I recently read a book by  Andrew Sobel, who suggests 10 ways to get access to CXO. They fall in two categories long term and the short term strategies:

Most of the sales people start their endeavors with LinkedIn or visiting cards and confine them to there only.  Very few of them understand the fact that it's not just matter of few days or months. You are talking about a career of 15-20 years. So you need to start today and be persistent in your efforts.

The above strategies boils down to 3 very important aspects  which you need to address through out your career.

1, Passion:  What is it that you are really passionate about ?  It can be photography, novels, politics, gardening etc. The point is there is something in your life  which you really like and you want to excel in that. Yes it's true that out of 24 hours you spend majority of your time in activities which will help you to just sustain, but there is thing something which you do because you want to do it. Keep learning and keep improving in such activities. They too are a part of your career which may not be helping you to earn money but will help you to get noticed.

2. Content: Once you have figured out your passion you then need to focus on creating content. Don't remain in disguise and think of a day when you will become master in your passion. This is something which we all do and which I have done for very long. Don't be afraid of critics and most importantly don't think you will know everything one day. That's not going to happen ever. They important thing is to stop thinking and start doing.

3. Being Digital : If there is something which has really revolutionized the era we are living, then it's communication.  There is no dearth of social media channels which we can leverage today to get connected with people. At this stage you need to understand

  • What type of content you can create ?
  • Where you can share them ?


We get in to the formal education to get the job. And then we don't do much about the career we want to build.

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