Future of Healthcare

With the emergence of Cloud as the backbone, Big Data Analytics as the heart and Cognitive as the brain, we can conveniently say that healthcare industry is transforming like never before and with an unprecedented pace. Think about the time when it was extremely difficult for the patients to find the right doctor, diagnosis  taking ages and doctors burdened with the upheaval tasks of identifying the right treatment.

Here are the 5 ways in by which the Healthcare going to become to become in future :

1. Integrated healthcare ecosystem: It’s important to understand that like any other industry, there is a complete ecosystem of value providers in healthcare too. For example :

  • Pharmacists for medicines
  • Ambulance services
  • Path labs
  • Hygiene and housekeeping services
  • Insurance providers
  • Clinical instrument manufactures
  • Regulators

The technology, to a great extent has enabled to bring together this entire ecosystem to provide an integrated healthcare ecosystem. The result is improved patient services,  optimization of cost and new emerging new business models.

2. Ubiquitous and personalized healthcare: Digitization of Patient health records enable the doctors to preserve the medical history of a patient and provide the health services with a lot more personalization and precision. This trend will continue and over the period of time, when this digitized data can be analyzed using sophisticated Big Data analytics technologies and made available ubiquitously almost everywhere anytime, patients can even predict the ailment and prescribe the medicines accordingly.

3. Convergence of healthcare and mobility with IoT: Healthcare providers will place the mobile diagnostic devices in patients’ home, link these to cloud platforms and monitor them continually. The explosion of wearable devices and the amount of data which it produces will empower the doctors to make patients cautious of their medical conditions in the real time.

Consider you getting an alert from your hospital or doctor just like you get for the over usage of internet next time when your life style requires to be changed.

4. Actionable insights driven and targeted healthcare: Insights based on analytics that are integrated with mobile devices or smart sensors will be used to improve clinical outcomes. The next step for the hospitals then is develop the capability to tap in to this enormous   and complex data.

5. Healthcare access for rural and poor people :  With the advent of video streaming and the expanded high speed fibrenet coverage, it will be possible to get the treatment remotely and virtually. Doctors can see the patients on their screen using high speed internet where it’s almost impossible for the quality healthcare to reach.

Like any other profession and industry, healthcare too is looking for a big leap forward, then only deciding factor then is – how much willing and prepared are you for this embrace this change ?

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