Essentials of Mobile App hosting on cloud

Beginning your Mobile App  hosting on cloud requires a lot of decisions to be considered.  What type of Cloud service I want to take, IaaS or PaaS. What are the components are required to finish the mobile hosting

These are PaaS services one would require to host Mobile App :

  • Mobile Gateway : Mobile Gateway acts as an entry point to the cloud provider services for end users. It provides the following services
    1. Authentication
    2. Policy enforcement
    3. API Invocation Analtyics
  • Mobile back end : This is the actual platform where most of the functionalities happen. When you design a mobile app, this is the first thing which you have to consider :
    1. App Logic / API Implementation
    2. Mobile App Operational Analystics
    3. Push Notifications
    4. Location services
    5. Mobile Data Sync
    6. Mobile App security

       Most PaaS provider have a lot of services available for each of these functionalities

  • Data Services: Mobile App usually work on unstructured data with a relatively less requirement for structured data. Following are the services which you should look to take from PaaS provider:
    1. Mobile App Data / NoSQL
    2. File Repositories
    3. Cache
  • Mobile Device Management: These services are typically provided to enterprise customers who offer mobility for their employees. They include:
    1. Enterprise App Distribution
    2. Mobile Device Security
    3. Device Management
    4. Device Analytics

Enterprise use these services to manage the laptops, mobile phones and tablets     given to the employees working on the go.

  • Mobile Business Applications: These are the set of services which are helps the marketers to understand their customers better and execute personalized marketing campaigns. Typically, below services are provided :
    1. Proximity services and Analytics
    2. Campaign Management
    3. Business Analytics and Reporting
    4. Work flow / Rules
  • Security services : Needless to say, security is the most imporatant aspect of any application and when it’s mobile application, it becomes even more important. Below are the services which you should consider to implement while executing security services :
    1. Identity and Access Management
    2. Data and Application Protection
    3. Security Intelligence

There are differed products/services provided by different vendors and I will be covering those products in the coming blogs.

In addition to these you use IaaS to get the following services:

Compute: It depends on what type of computing services you want to implement or to get started with. You have following options to choose from :

  1. Virtual Machines
  2. Container Services
  3. Run time environment services

The faster you want to get started, lesser will be the control on your computing services. For Example, Virtual Machine provide the maximum control but at the same time you have to be technically very sound to host your application and set up the entire environment

Network Services: Bandwidth is the most important aspect of networking services. Typically IaaS providers don’t charge for in-bound traffic but they charge for out bond data. Go service provider which offers maximum data out bound limit. If your app is streaming videos or audio, then you need a Content Delivery Network. This streams and cache the data in the nearest server to the user to decrease the latency.

Storage Services: If your workload involve transactional data, go for Block storage, where as if it involves Unstructured data, Object storage will be a better option.

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