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HCX on IBM Cloud – Intro

Typically in a hybrid cloud implementation CIOs have the below concerns:
  1. I don’t have a compatible vSphere version
  2. My network architecture is different from Cloud Services Provider’s network
  3. My applications have a lot of complex dependencies and they interact with various other entities in my DCs like storage/DB Solutions, DMZs, security solutions  and platform applications
  4. They have created their own governance and control and they are concerned if they will be able to do  the same in a Cloud environment.

Is there a way they can get away from these complexities and find an easy way out ? These are the concerns which can be easily taken care by HCX. Below are some of the very important use cases of HCX .

  1. Extending to the Cloud :   when you want to extend your application may be because of the requirement of additional storage or compute.  This can be a short term requirement or even long term in case you have hard fresh refresh due.
  2. Disaster Recovery : Typically customer wants to have the shortest possible RTO and RPO for the on-premise DR site. This can be easily achieved if you have a vmware virtualised infra.
  3. Modernize on-premises DC : If you are planning to move entire DC to the cloud HCX can help you to migrate 100s of apps with just a single reboot and no change to the OS or application.


IBM Cloud provides the foundation to extend on-premise workload seamlessly and with minimum efforts required.  HCX enables this by extending on-premises network in to the cloud through an optimised software defined WAN.  VMware workloads can be moved to IBM Cloud from on-premise without any modifications required and without any downtime.
HCX establish a secure WAN optimised  hybrid interconnect which sits between cloud and on-premise environment.
Below is the architecture of the implementation :
Hybridity Services :  It has two parts. Target side and Source side. Target site is IBM Cloud DC and source site is on-premises deployment.
Product : VMware HCX.

Cloud Management : A centralized platform for managing the entire software-defined datacenter.
Product vCenter

Virtualization Admin : Responsible for maintaining the cloud services and environment.

Here is a step by step explanation of what needs to be done to use HCX
Step 1: VMware HCX is deployed in the cloud instance in an IBM Cloud DC
Step 2:  HCX is deployed on-premises
Step 3:  Virtualization administrator uses the HCX user interface in vCenter to establish the network connection
Step 4: The two HCX deployments establish a software defined WAN connection to extend the on-premises layer 2 network to the cloud instance.
Step 5: Virtualization administrator uses the standard vSphere user interface to initiate migration of on-premises workload to the target site in the cloud.
Step 6: HCX uses WAN optimization to efficiently migrate the workload to the target site, maintaining the current workload IP configuration
If you want to read more about the Solution architecture click here

Solution components and Reference Architecture

IBM Cloud provides the automated deployment of vmware solution components The offering in the solution portfolio consists of
  1. vCloud Foundation ( VCF) : vSphere ESXi, Platform Services Controller, vCenter Server appliance, SDDC manager, NSX and vSAN. VSF consists of :
    a. 4-node base cluster
    b. 2 Bare Metal Server size options
    c. Upgradable Memory option
    d. upto 27 additional nodes
  2. VMware vCenter Servers : vSphere ESXi, Platform Services Controller ( PSC ),  vCenter Server Appliance, NSX and optionally vSAN.
    a. 2-node base cluster
    b. 3 bare metal server size options
    c. upgradable memory options
    d. upgradable NSX options
The below figure shows the solution components of vmware Solution on IBM Cloud:
Below figure shows the architecture of the solution deployment:
Management : vCenter, A centralized platform for managing the entire software defined datacenter

Workloads : x86 based applications which need to migrated to cloud

Software Defined Networking :  Provides a network overlay virtualizing the physical network to provide a large number of customer defined networks (VxLAN), intelligent network routing, and microsegmentation for enhanced firewall capabilities
Product  – VMware NSX 

Compute : Enables many virtualized Linux and Windows servers to run concurrently on the same physical bare metal server providing high levels of server utilization and capacity.
Product :  VMware vSphere 

Software Defined Storage :  Local storage of the physical hosts are aggregated into a high performance, highly available software defined SAN.
Product – VMware virtual SAN 

Bare Metal Servers – IBM Cloud bare metal servers provide a dedicated, single tenant basis for deploying the clients private infrastructure. Clients can locate their deployment in any of dozens of IBM Cloud locations around the globe.
Products – IBM Cloud 

To learn more about the solution architecture, click here


This is blog post is second in the 10 part series of vmware on IBM Cloud. 


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vmware on IBM Cloud – An Introduction

Hybrid Cloud is a combination of on-premises and public cloud services intended to work in unison to deliver value. Following are the values which can be derived :

  1. You can expand your DC with minimum efforts, expenses and on-demand
  2. You can consolidate your DCs which are located in different geo zones
  3. You can create test environments and DR sites

vmware has a huge virtualization market share. The value which IBM Cloud brings to the customers are :

  1. No new skill set required
  2. One single portal to manage
  3. You can bring your own license
  4. Monthly subscription of vmware softwares

To learn more about IBM Cloud for vmware see the this video .

Here is the complete stack of IBM Cloud for vmware solution:

Not just this depending on the use case you use the below platform extensions and solutions :

Hybrid Cloud Services or HCX : You can establish a software defined WAN between on-premise DC and IBM Cloud DC. Using this service you can move vmware workloads to and from cloud with zero downtime and modifications.

Zerto Disaster Recovery :  You can use Zerto Virtual Replication Technology to provide near zero RTO and RPO

Secure Virtualization:  Use Intel Hytrust TXT technology for secure virtualization simplify regulatory compliance and guarantee data sovereignty.

NSX Edge Services Gateway: NSX Edge Services Gateway provides connectivity between the virtualized software-defined network and its workloads and external networks.

vRealize Automation: Add automation and orchestration tooling for automated provisioning of applications ensuring users have the tooling and services they need.

If you have any queries and need help to get started with vmware on IBM Cloud then drop me a message or reach out to me over here.