BlueMix vs AWS vs Azure

There are 3 major players in the cloud market right now, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM ( I don’t count Google here yet). Amazon pioneered Cloud services and have greater mind and market share as compared to  Microsoft and IBM.  But in the recent times both Microsoft and IBM have made huge investments in building their cloud portfolio.  There are certain services which are unique to them but there are many which do the same as their counterpart  just have a different name.

Here I have compared IBM’s services with AWS and Microsoft. This will give a fair understanding of services which are common and are unique to IBM BlueMix. The 3 silos of IBM BlueMix are Infrastructure, Applications and Services.


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Network Security

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Data and Analytics

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Watson Services

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Application Security

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Application Services

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Please note that there are constant updates on the service offerings. And in case you find some fault or misrepresentation  above then please let me know here