Don't block the flow of life....

A man was confined to a 10X10 cell for 3 years before he was allowed to roam around in a city. For some time, he was happy that he could actually move out of that cell. Things were fine for a little while before the entire city suddenly started feeling like a cell to him. Soon things changed, and that man was allowed to roam in the entire country. Life was great for some time again when the entire country became a cell for him. He now desperately wanted to go out of the country.

We all are just a piece of life and life hates any kind of limitations. We don’t like any type of confinements. These confinements can be tangible and intangible. These confinements can be self-imposed and imposed by others. These confinements can be factual and purely based on assumptions. All these types of confinements just do one thing for us. They create misery. They take away our freedom.

The question is just this, are we conscious of these confinements, and what are we doing about them? 


  1. Well said!! Confinements are self-imposed as we submit ourselves to a greater authority that gets glued to us. We are well-adjusting ourselves to society, a society which is only self-serving. When our thoughts themselves are bound, our actions too will merely serve the benefits of others. Realize, we are free human beings with an independent will. What defines us is our core, the very genes with unique abilities that gets crushed in the real world. There is no gate, no lock, no clutches that you can set upon the freedom of the mind.

    1. That’s an interesting thought 🙂

      I feel the time has come that authority is no longer the truth and truth is authority.

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