Fanatical Prospecting

From my perspective, if you are in Sales then you can’t afford to miss out reading this book. If you have ever been looking for a good coaching in Sales to become a Superstar sales rep, then this book has all the essential ingredients which will help you to achieve success. Mind it, I am saying ingredients not formulas.

This books will do 3 things for you :

  1. It will help you strategize your selling efforts
  2. It will give you tips to write better emails, make better telephonic conversations and be consistent
  3. It will make you mentally tougher to perform your job

What’s the basic premise ?

To succeed in Sales you need to spend 80% of your time in prospecting. Prospecting is the main reason you don’t have a pipeline which in turn is the main reason you are missing your quotas. Given the haphazard nature of a sales job, you can’t expect things to fall sequentially, so need to use your time and energy wisely. And this is possible if you are focused.

I will be writing posts on this book and I am summarizing so that if you don’t have time to read through the book: you can at least read through my blog and adopt things which might help you to become a better seller :

  • Chapter 1: The case for prospecting
  • Chapter 2: Seven mindsets of  Fanatical Prospectors
  • Chapter 3:  To cold call or not co Cold Call
  • Chapter 4: Adopt a balanced prospecting methodology
  • Chapter 5: The more you prospect, the luckier you get
  • Chapter 6: Know your numbers, managing your ratios
  • Chapter 7: The 3 Ps that are holding you back
  • Chapter 8: Time – The great equalizer of sales
  • Chapter 9: The objectives of prospecting
  • Chapter 10 : Leveraging the prospecting pyramid
  • Chapter 11: Own your database – Why the CRM is your most important tool.
  • Chapter 12: The law of familiarity
  • Chapter 13:  Social Selling
  • Chapter 14: Message Matters
  • Chapter 15: Telephone prospecting Excellence
  • Chapter 16: Turning around RBOs – Reflex Responses, Brush-Offs and Objections
  • Chapter 17: The secret lives of Gatekeepers
  • Chapter 18: In person Prospecting
  • Chapter 19: Email Prospecting
  • Chapter 20: Text Messaging
  • Chapter 21: Developing Mental Toughness

Each chapter has some important concepts which if practiced  will help you to become a better sales person.