Glad that you landed up here. nilayshrivastava,com is a place where you will find content related to Technology, Sales and Marketing.

My Goal

At, I have only one goal ” To help you in your business development activities“. In addition to business development, I also write about latest technologies and every small yet significant things which inspires me.

What can I help you with ?

I help you to establish your business in 3 ways

  1. Develop Sales strategy for you
  2. Design Marketing campaigns and content Marketing plan
  3. Align your marketing activities with your business goals

Who I am ?

I am a Sales and Marketing professional and have an experience of 8 years.  I work with a leading IT company  in Bangalore.  I have worked in diverse roles in Marketing and Sales so far which includes, Content Marketing, Out Bound Marketing, In-bound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media marketing,  Pre-Sales, Channel Partner management and Customer support.

I am married and father to a 3 year old son.  My hobbies include Music and writing. I wish to publish a fiction- novel someday.






IBM Cloud Private Foundation Technology


Certificate in Professional Digital Selling